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"I have been looking for years for something like what DNSplus provides. It is exactly what I have been looking for at a great price. I had a few questions while transferring my domains and setting the parameters, and each time the technical support experts not only understood what I was trying to do, but had an answer for me.
I'm so pleased that I've transferred all my domains to DNSplus and I'm spreading the word to friends and colleagues. -- Ed Prentice"

"NicGrab was a great discovery for me in an internet world gone slightly out of
control. The first thing that I noticed was immediate personal attention and
an email response so quick, it made my head spin. A real person named Ken
Wells actually answered my email inquiries. Amazing!
Recently, I changed servers. A DNS change had to be made. What could have
been a tedious process of days Ken Wells took care of it in a matter of
hours. This is unheard of!

My reply to him was:  Ken, You are amazing. The speed at which you get things done is incredible. Thanks again for great help. - Harley Oakes"

I have just read the "testimonials" at the Nicgrab main Site, regarding your Web-Hosting services from other clients, and I just had to write to tell you how I feel. I would like to Thank You, and Anyone else whom has helped in setting up my service.

I was quite worried about transferring domain Registrars, but was very unhappy with the one I was with. I took a chance with all You had to offer, and I can only Thank God that I did. Your Patience, Knowledge, and Expertise are incomparable. These are qualities I certainly was not used to receiving!!

Many Thanks To You & To All of the Staff!
Joey Lee*

Great follow up and support.... keep up the good work. All seems to be fine re dns servers now and was all at our end it seems!
This is how tech support its supposed to be on the net... but as we all so sadly know and experience all too often... it rarely is!
Look forward to doing more business with you guys and please, feel free to use me as a testimonial any time (just don't hand out my e-mail address :- ) ).
Best regards,
Pres. PACE Ventures.



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